Scamp – Laser cut steel parts – MK4

MK4 Scamp laser cut parts kit – Available to order

From £835.00



Available to order by phone – 01634 888 621

From £835.00

Scamp – Laser cut parts kit

The Scamp is a small 7¼” gauge sit on locomotive. Powered by a petrol engine and two 800watt electric motors. The 1st of the motors is driven by the engine and acts as a dynamo, this generated power is used to drive the second motor via a reversing switch and electronic speed controller.

Whats in the parts kit?

The kit includes all the laser cut steel parts to make the frame, engine cradle, seat box, foot rest, axleboxes, brake lever, bonnet mounted throttle lever, brake rigging and the bonnet of your choice. Bonnet choices are currently Lister, Scamp, O&K or Ruston. You purchase the rest of the parts from the shopping list supplied. Fully illustrated instructions are also included.

The frame and body are bolted and pop-riveted
together from the kit of laser cut steel parts supplied, bringing
construction time down to a minimum. One working day
should see all the assemblies finished, and provided all the
parts are to hand a second days work should see the loco
complete and ready to test prior to stripping and painting. The
only welding needed is to fix the wheels to the axles and the
sprockets to the layshaft, these can be supplied ready done by
us for an additional cost.

What will it cost to complete a Scamp?

It is possible to build a loco using a second hand engine but all other parts new for
around £1500, a new Lifan engine pushes this up to around
£1600. A completely built and painted loco with a new engine
built by us is  £2625.00

Optional extras

Wheel set £115 / 4 wheels 2 axles ready to fit

Welded layshaft £37.50 / ready to fit

Machined Dynamo pulley £10.50 ( un-machined parts are included in the kit )

Rear cab sheet £16.50

Lister side weights kit £25 pair

Lister end weights £95 pair

Slatted seat laser cut steel kit £75

Battery box £66

Ruston buffer beams £95 pair

Throttle / brake spring £2.50 each


Shipping UK Mainland £40 – Please call for all other regions ( remote locations not included )

Lead time is approximately 3 -4 weeks


Please call to order on 01634 888 621 to order – Lead time approximately 4 – 6 weeks






Additional information

Option Extras

Welded wheel set, Welded layshaft, Machined Dynamo pulley, Rear cab sheet, Lister side weights kit pair, Lister end weights pair, Slatted seat laser cut steel kit, Battery box, Ruston buffer beams, Throttle / brake spring each


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