Tipper Wagon 7¼” Kit welded body £393.75


Available to order – 01634 888 621




Tipper Wagon Laser cut Kit welded body £393.75


The design allows a for a quick build and the kits come with full instructions. The frame is bolt together and the body requires welding.

The frame is cut from 3mm and 5mm steel, the body from 3mm and the body supports from 5mm. The overall sizes are as shown. All folds are either folded before delivery to you or are slotted so that they can be easily folded by hand in the vice. A bottom delivery door about 130mm square is fitted at one end, covered by a sliding plate with external handle and latch, for easier ballasting between the rails. The support frames and body can be unbolted, leaving a flat chassis behind, six holes are provided for mounting an alternative body

Whats in the kit?

The kit is supplied as laser cut steel parts only. Wheels and axles are available separately. A shopping list is provided for the other items needed to complete the wagon along with fully illustrated instructions.

Optional extras

Welded wheel set £135.00 / 4 wheels 2 axles ready to fit

Assembly type: Bolted and welded

Available to order – 01634888 621



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