SCAMP, the little loco with a big heart. – Designed by Colin Edmondson

The Scamp is a small 7¼” gauge sit on locomotive. Powered by a petrol engine and two 800watt electric motors. The 1st of the motors is driven by the engine and acts as a dynamo, this generated power is used to drive the second motor via a reversing switch and electronic speed controller.

For easy transport the loco breaks down into subassemblies.

Undo one screw and the bonnet is released, slacken two bolts, undo a cable and a connector and the complete engine and generator sub-assembly lifts out.

The seat is held by two screws, then what is left is easy to lift into the back of a car.

The Scamp is available fully assembled and also in a kit form of laser cut parts. Optional extras are available and the front grille of the Lister bonnet can also be customised.


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